The Battles of Henry Bouquet

Henry Bouquet

"Bouquets American Adventures"

Colonel Henry Bouquet came to America when he was in the British military and was sent to north America to keep peace. In 1763 Henry led a campaign to overcome the Pontiac Rebellion. Then on a counterattack at Bushy Run, Pennsylvania Henry defeated the Delaware of Ohio. After this the native Americans requested peace; then the opposing sides signed a treaty. These made the natives return all prisoners. After all of this Henry returned to Fort Pitt.1

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Henry's Pre-Life

Colonel Henry Bouquet- Henry's Pre-Life

Henry Bouquet was born in 1719 in Rolle, Switzerland. His father was an English man who served in the Military. Growing up in that environment, Henry wanted to be in the Military just like his father. Just like he envisioned, when he was 17, he joined the Military. He started off as a cadet in the Dutch Republic Army. Later on, during the Australian Succession, he moved up to being lieutenant. In 1755, the Dutch, German, Swiss, and Americans decided to work together. In 1756 he set sail to North America and from there his Military career got bigger and bigger.1

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Henry’s Adventures in America

Henry Bouquet was born in Rolle, Switzerland. He was born in 1719 and died in 1765. Henry died when he came back to Fort Pit after his last battle in America. Henry played a big role in the French and Indian wars. He was a British army officer. He defeated the Native Americans in the Pontiacs rebellion near Pittsburg. He spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania when he came to North America.

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