Fun With Firsties

October 12, 2015

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts-Unit 1 in The Adventures of the Superkids will finish this week! In our last couple of lessons we will complete activities following up on "The Patch It Up Shop". We will revisit the concepts of cause and effect and recalling story details. We will also continue to practice understanding and using pronouns. Later in the week, we will begin Unit 2. The first lessons in this unit will find us learning the th sound and the wh sound.

Math- Topic 2 will wrap up this week. We will review the subtraction concepts learned and take the Topic 2 assessment. Towards the end of the week, we will begin Topic 3, Understanding Five and Ten Relationships.

Social Studies-This week, in celebration of Christopher Columbus' birthday, we will learn about the explorer who proved that the world is actually round!

Religion-Our Religion lessons this week will focus on The Holy Family. We will identify the members of The Holy Family and focus on how families can show God's love. In addition, we will examine ways in which Jesus' family was similar to our families.

Concert Dress Reminders

On Thursday we will celebrate Mass as a Mayfield Community. This is a concert dress day for children. As a reminder, the Concert Dress guidelines are listed below.


  • Gray dress slacks
  • White oxford shirt (short or long sleeved)
  • Dress shoes and socks (dark colors)


  • White pinfeather dress
  • Dress shoes-Flat, solid white or black, closed toe
  • Socks-White anklets, crew, knee socks or tights. Socks are not required in warm weather

Notes To The Fabulous Folks

  • The First Grade Parent Party will be held on October 17th. An Evite has been sent. Please use the following link to access the Evite in case you did not receive it!

  • Parent Conference sign ups are now available through the MJS website. Although conferences are scheduled on the half hour, please note that conferences are scheduled for 20 minutes. The additional 10 minutes is to allow the teacher to prepare for the next conference. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Fall Conferences

  • Conference Goal Setting Sheet-Your child brought home a parent conference goal sheet on Monday. Please take some time to fill out the questionnaire and return it to school in your child's homework folder. We ask that it is completed and returned by Friday, October 16th. This is a very useful tool in helping to set the agenda for each parent conference.

Upcoming Dates

October 15-Founders Day Mass, 9:00 a.m. Concert Dress

October 21 and 22-Parent Teacher Conferences, No school for students

October 29-Field Trip to Discovery Cube Los Angeles

October 30- Harvest Festival 12:00-3:00pm


Monday-We are reviewing Cause and Effect relationships. Please complete the activity, matching each cause to its effect.

Tuesday-Math, Assignment is posted online. Once you log in, please click on the TO DO icon. This will take you directly to the assignment. Feel free to use the online textbook as a resource, but note that the homework assignment is not located in the on-line textbook .

Wednesday-Language Arts, phonics practice! Review the th sound and complete each sentence using a word from the top of the page.

Thursday-Journal Entry-In our story this week, Frits made a gift for a friend. How would you feel if someone made a gift for you? Please remember to write at least one complete sentence and illustrate your writing.