Charlie Millington


The reason why moms are determined is because they love to see the success of their child. If your mom wasn’t here you most likely would not be living the life you have today. Moms had to go through 9 months of labor to bring you into this world that shows determination enough. After that they have to care for you for sixteen years and once you’re old enough they will still contact you. This explains why their is a mother's day and a father's day because determined people need a break too. moms are the reason that you have or had a shoulder to cry on and a person to hug when you are feeling down, and a mentor to guide you through lifes tough decisions moms are determined.

Abraham Lincoln

  1. Abraham Lincoln taught himself to read.

  2. Mother died at age 9.

  3. Had a great talent for speaking and communicating with people.

  4. candidate for Illinois general assembly loses election.

  5. Wins on second try.

  6. Becomes governor and later President.

  7. Creates Emancipation proclamation and is later killed by a confederate.

Wheelchair Basketball VS Regular Basketball

Both wheelchair basketball and regular basketball are similar they practically have the same rules like no double dribble, no traveling, no 3-second violations etc. Obviously the difference between the two are mainly the wheelchair, but most wheelchair basketball leagues have three fouls instead of five fouls per person to get the player ejected. It is also considered a foul if the player stands up from their wheelchair and the other team is awarded two free throws. A big difference between wheelchair and regular basketball is the fact that you can jump to get rebounds so in Wheelchair basketball it is crucial to get position. The two sports are also very similar because the object of the game is to score more points than the other team and they get to score when the basketball gets into the basket. These two sports show determination when each team has a desire to win but wheelchair basketball shows that you don’t need legs to have a heart.

Catching Kayla

Kayla started off as a ordinary girl, she played soccer and she was also very active. Later Kayla had a great dilemma she was diagnosed with M.P., M.P. prevented her from playing contact sports. Kayla could of fell into depression but to solve her problem she decided to be a runner. M.P. is a condition where you can't feel your legs, or at least in her case. Can you imagine trying to run when you can't feel your own legs, that would be impossible but when you are determined you can complete almost anything. Kayla’s solution was to have her coach catch her at the end of the race because she can't stop herself. Kayla ende up to be very successful and she won state in running. Kayla was determined to run and she was determined to have fun, sometimes disabilities are for the better and the man above is trying to teach you a lesson.

Bethony Hamleton

Befour Bethany Hamilton had her big accident she was really big into surfing she would visit the ocean and just surf for the entire day. At age thirteen she was bit by a shark which caused her to lose her arm but that didn’t stop her determined people don’t quit. Four years later she became a professional surfer and competed in many competitions. Bethony was so determined that she even won a couple of competitions without an arm. In 2010 she was part of a very popular movie called “Soul Surfer”. Now she is on a tour surfing around the world that shows that heart beats talent any day of the week.
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Inspiring Guinness Wheelchair Basketball Commercial