Genetics Technology

Tyesha Nix


While All Humans Share Almost All The Same Genes, Vey Subtle Differences In The Sequence Of The Genes' Chemical Bases Help Make Each Individual Unique.


Although The Test May Show That You Have A Genetic Mutation, That Doesn't Mean That You Will Get It.

Family History

Couples With A Family History Of Certain Genetic Diseases May Not Be Able To Ensure That Their Child Will Not Inherit Those Disease Related Genes Even Before Pregnancy Begins.


Whole Genome Sequences Is A Form Of Screening That Can Easily Be Done As Early As Birth.

Is It Good For Our World??

I Think It Is Good Because if We Didn't Have Genetics We Would All Look Alike And Wouldn't Be Able To Express Ourselves.
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Why Are We Different?

We Are Different Because We Have Genetics. Genetics Are What Makes Us Different From Every One.

Ex. Twins