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March 2014 Report

Curriculum Impact

Mrs. Melton's speech communication classes demonstrated correct research techniques while looking up information about a person whom has had a positive impact on society. Students used books from the library along with reliable Websites to find information and then took notes while avoiding plagiarism. A speech will be created from these notes and shared with the class.

The class set of iPod Touches and iPads have been used more than usual this month. Teachers are using Apps with their students along with other creative means of instruction. We are ready for our 3 carts of iPads which should arrive before school is out this year.

Number of Classes Served for Curriculum Support During the Month of January: 15

Number of Classes Served for Circulation Purposes: 12


Maker spaces continue in the WGMS Library each Friday morning between 7:30-8:30. The computer coding maker space continues to have between 20-30 students in attendance each week. While hoping to appeal to many other students, the duct tape maker space has been added to the computer coding. The goal is to have many different activities continuing simultaneously on Friday mornings.

BIOGRAPHY BOTTLES Created by Mrs. McDaniel's Classes

Bluebonnet Book Bowl

We put up a great fight, but FSMS came out on top this year. Our team did a wonderful job of showing sportsmanship and class as we accepted 2nd place. Losing by one point is really tough, but we had a lot of fun!

March Madness at WGMS!

Our students have been voting using QR codes in their ELA classrooms or on Google Forms on their favorite books...seeded in the tournament bracket shown below. Each week, they've narrowed it down. From Sweet 16, to the Elite 8 to voting for their favorite book in the final 4 this week. The books making it to the Final 4 are Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay and Titan's Curse. Results coming in next month's newsletter!

WGMS Library Numbers

Ongoing Activities.....

Book Clubs

The Wonder and Hollow City book clubs concluded during the month of March.

WGMS Library Instagram features pictures of students and activities in the library.

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Stepping Toward My Goals

1. Every 6th grade student will vote for their favorite Bluebonnet nominated book in January.

2. Promote and continually update WGMS Libguide as the library Website and a place to house lessons and for students to go for information and assistance.

3. Encourage the use of Google and other technology in past projects, which have traditionally been completed using pencil and paper.