March 9-13

End of 3rd Quarter

News This Week

Field Trip - Please check the weather and the list of items needed for a "warm weather" trip. We will make a determination tomorrow if we need to postpone or not due to weather. So far, the chance of rain is 90% and this is an outdoor trip! Check the folder for more information this week!

1/2 Day Dismissal - Friday the first bell / car line will dismiss at 11:40. This is the last day of the third quarter and the last day for AR points this quarter.

Prince & Me - The father/daughter dance is Friday in the auditorium at 6:00. Advance tickets were sold for this event.

Chick Fil-A - Eat at Chick Fil-A after 3:00 tomorrow and tell them you are supporting DES. Proceeds will benefit the school.

Tests - Tests are getting harder for students, especially in reading. Please review the tests with your child, paying special attention to the passage and written response. They must read this passage on their own. The written response must answer the question, provide support for their answer, and have proper sentence writing in order to get all the points. We go over these together, but time with you is so powerful!

Snow Wizard Tuesday - $1.00

Studies This Week

  • Story: Reading Street Unit 4, Week 5 - Peter's Chair
  • Skills: Story Elements - Character, Setting, and Plot
  • Phonics: compound words
  • Phonics: vowels ew, ue, and ie
  • Sight words: picture, remember, room, stood, thought
  • Practice at home: Read decodables and AR books
  • Tests are getting harder - please read and review with students and make sure you are reading the decodables at home!


  • Practice spelling and writing words.
  • Visit for more practice.
  • Words this week: backpack, outside, baseball, herself, flashlight, bluebird, lunchbox, suitcase, inside, brainstorm


  • Unit 7 - Color, Shape and Number Patterns
  • We will develop patterns, sequences, and functions. This lays the groundwork for algebra later.
  • Example: ABCD ABCD ABCD How many letters are in one unit? (Four: A, B, C, and D). How many repeating units are there? (Three: the pattern repeats three times).
  • Example: If I have six pennies now, and I get three more each day for 10 days in a row, how many will I have at the end of the 10 days? (6+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3=36)


These words are used in English, math, or science we will learn throughout the week. Words are NOT tested, but will help understanding. Students are not expected to be able to spell these words.

  • jealous, relatives, sibling, secret, porridge, collector, flourish, seriousness
  • pattern, repeating pattern, unit
  • conserve, recycle, environment, nature, pollution

Writing & Grammar

  • Determiners - some, these, another, the, a, an, every, each, this that
  • Written responses - how to answer questions fully
  • Expository (factual/explaining) writing


  • Conservation

Social Studies:

  • Conservation, the natural environment, and beginning land forms/masses over the next couple of weeks

Please leave toys at home!

Dates to Know

10- Snow Wizard

Chik-fil-a Spirit Night

11- Pre-K Registration

12- Pelican's Nest FT- Everette/Vereen

13- End of 3Q - 1/2 Day Dismissal

PTA Prince and Me Dance 6:00

16- SGA Service Project this week-Cancer Awareness Drive Fund Raiser

18- 1st/2nd Grade Out of Uniform IF AR GOAL IS MET

19- GPS

City Hall Build Baldwin Pep Rally 5:30

20- Report Cards go home

Special Snack $1.50

23-27- Book Fair Week!

24- Snow Wizard

27- Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Blood Donation Bus here (Students of parents who donate blood receive out of uniform pass)

28- Saturday- PTA Yard Sale

31- Referendum Vote

1/2 Day THIS FRIDAY - 11:40 First Bell