Is motivation usually INTERNAL or EXTERNAL? By Basia Bibbo


In my opinion, I believe motivation is mostly internal. It has more power towards a person trying to achieve their goal because they have people supporting them throughout their journey.
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Money, an external motivation, persuades millions of people every day to keep working because they know they will be rewarded in the end!

Long term Benifits

Having people/things around you for motivation can end in a great result that can last forever. Ex. If one has their friends and family by their side throughout the whole process of their journey to lose weight, they have a bigger chance of succeeding their goal.
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In the Workplace

Having motivation of other helps one preserver in their goals and achieve them faster. Alone one may hold off their goals and not follow through in them.

Return of something

If one knew they would be getting something in return for doing something, they would have more motivation into doing it. Ex. If i were to get to go to a friends house if I cleaned my room , I would clean my room as soon as possible.
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School Work

Having the external motivation from ones teachers and the possible grade on a paper motivates one to do their work, even if they don't feel like it, they know the consequences.