A new life, a new beginning

Stuck in a rut?

Did you recently borrow boatloads of money and are scrambling to pay your money back? Do you have a struggling family member that is stuck behind the cold, dark walls of prison? Are you being persecuted by everyone around you because of your religion? Are you bored of your mundane English lifestyle? Come to Georgia; a new life, a new beginning.

Why Come To Georgia?

Not only do we have cheap land you can start your new life on but we get short mild winters and warm, peaceful, harmonious summers; a perfect climate for farming. Worried about the Native Americans? As you can see the image above, we are acquaintances with the Native Americans that were thriving in the amazing land of Georgia. We accept all religions. That is pretty much why we came to America anyways. If you're stuck in your old, boring life, you can come down to Georgia for an exciting life (This is why our colony was created).

Our founder: James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe, our amazing leader convinced the wealthy Englishmen of England to pitch in money to create our fantastic colony. If the wealthy Englishmen of England were attracted by making this Georgia colony, then you should too.

Come Now!

Our colony is receiving many settlers. Georgia can only support a limited amount of people. If you miss out on this opportunity today, you will never get it back. This is your one and only chance to come down to Georgia and start a new life.

A new beginning; a new life, The Georgia Way (Samuel Piper)


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