Edgar Allan Poe

Logan Ashbach

Early Life

Poes Early Life is Filled with Misfortune. At the Age of 3 his mother died of Tuberculosis

and his father left the family. After that he was adopted by John Allen who sent him to boarding schools and later to the University of Virginia.

Early Adult life

Poe Eventluly married his cousin Virginia when she was 12. He worked for several magazines during this time evetluly wanting to start his own. When Virginia Caught Tuberculosis she had it for 5 years at witch time he wrote his famous Story Known as The Raven.
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Later Adult Life

After his wife died Poe Struggled with poverty now more than ever. On October 3 1849 Poe was found in a semi-consciousness state in Baltimore he died in the hospital 4 days Later. His death was extremely Mysterious as there was no clear culprit

Impact on the World

Poes Writing caused a huge impact on the world of horror stories. Sevaral Authors claim they were inspired by Poes works, even Stephen King.