Plate Tectonics

By Ethan Margot

Convergent Boundaries

Ocean to Ocean- The older plate goes under the newer one and heats up greatly. This releases magma and creates new ocean floor.

Ocean to Continental- The ocean boundary is forced under the land one, which causes it to heat up and create new land.

Continental to Continental- The plates collide, forcing one plate up, forming a new mountain range

Divergent Boundaries

A divergent boundary is when plates pull apart from each other.

Ridge- A divergent boundary under the ocean. It forms new land by releasing magma.

Rift- A divergent boundary on land. It creates cracks in the Earth, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

Transform Boundaries

A transform boundary is two tectonic plates sliding against each other. No magma is created, but the buildup of energy can release a earthquake. Anything, man-made or natural, tends to get destroyed if they are on a transform boundary.
Plate Tectonics - A Documentary