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May 24, 2019

Please help us by picking up all student medications from the Nurse, and checking for missing items in the Lost & Found by Wednesday, June 5!

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Technology Devices

Please review the following student expectations relating to cell phones and other devices that function similarly.

"Student cell phones should be kept in a book bag. Electronic devices, including cell phones, must be turned off during the school day and while on the school grounds. A cell phone may not be used during the day to play games or to text message. The student may not use a cell phone to call a parent during the school day without a teacher’s permission. This includes devices like a smartwatch or an electronic communication device that serve as a telephone."

If a student has a smart watch and is only using the basic watch features while at school, it is fine to have and wear. Students should not use the watch features that make it function like a phone, such as calling, texting, using apps, or playing games. If this is happening the teacher can ask the student put the device away in their book bag, or confiscate it and contact the parent. We want to minimize distractions and maximize engagement in our school environment, thank you for your support with technology!

Summer camp opportunity for rising 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade girls...

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Another summer camp opportunity...

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One more summer camp opportunity...

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School Calendar

Thursday, May 30: Field Day - 2nd & 3rd- 8:30-10:50, 4th & 5th-11:40-2:00

Friday, May 31: Field Day - K & 1st- 8:30-10:50

Tuesday, June 4: 5th grade promotion ceremony at 9:00 in the Cafeteria

Tuesday, June 4: 1/2 day of school, 7:40-11:00

Wednesday, June 5: Last Day of School! 1/2 day, 7:40-11:00