Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card

Kayla Donner

Tuesday June 9, 2015


Ender's Game was a really good book. I didn't think it would be that interesting but it was. Ender is a third. He was the third child born hence the name "third". Ender got his monitor removed from the back of his neck. The monitor watched over him, the people could see everything he was doing. Ender was really special. So he got sent to battle school. He started as a launch y and kept moving up and up and up. Ender was getting to be really good at battling so he moved to a different army to train with them. He met a girl named Petra. She was the only girl in Salamander army. They became good friends and trained together. He got really good after that and became a leader of the Dragon army. He was in command of that army. He was unbeatable he beat so may other army's. He was so good that Colonel Graff made him commander of the fleet. He made Ender be the best. Ender went in battle with the buggers. He had to beat the buggers and destroy there planet. Ender did it he actually destroyed there planet. It was over. No more buggers. Except one, the queen in the cocoon. Ender didn't realize that he killed off an entire species. He didn't know what to do. They tricked him into doing that for them. Ender then realized he had to save the queen. He left with Valentine to find a new planet for the queen. So that the buggers could comeback and the queen can take over.

What I like about the book

It was very interesting. It really grabbed my interest. I especially liked the part where they went into battle with the buggers. It had really good graphics. There was a lot of parts where it was like will they live or are the going to die.

What would I change about the book

I wouldn't change anything. I think the book is good the way it is.

This is the battle scene between the buggers and the fleet.

Ender's Game Final / Last Battle Scene!