Land forms and Climates

Dakota Maskill: Out of the Box

Landform definitions

Cape- A strip of land cutting into a body of water

Peninsula- A strip of land that sticks out into the water and covered by it by three sides

Tributary- river or stream flowing into large river or lake

Hill- extends above the area and rises.

Volcano-Opening in the earths crust which is filled with molten rock and hot lava

Plateau- Flat highland.

Archipelago- group of islands in large body of water

Cliff- Rock exposure from side of mountain other large rocky body.

The Pro's and Con's of each landform


pro- Water source

con- maybe it could overflow


pro- water/food source

con- possibility of floods and such.


pro-food source

con- you could drown if they get over flooded or something.


pro- roll things down

con- walking up it.


pro-The ash helps make fertile soil for planting

con-destroys people


pro- good for farming

con- Landslides are a possibility


pro- A diverse area of food and animals

con- could sink/overflow easily


pro- Birds may build nests in their

con- easy to fall off of


tundra- where the ground freezes and there's hardly any vegetation. It is extremely cold and dry. Temperatures get to -18 degrees and lower. In ways it is like a frozen desert.

  • marine west coast- Mild winters, mild summers.

  • Low annual temperature range.

  • Heavy cloud cover; high humidity.

  • Frequent cyclonic storms, with prolonged rain, drizzle and fog.

tropical savannas- the dry season, from May through to October exhibits dry, cool weather with little rain, low humidity and wider-ranging temperatures. The 'wet' season lasts from approximately November through to April. Almost all of the year’s rain falls during this period and generally arrives in heavy bursts from thunderstorms, widespread monsoon depressions or from the passage of associated tropical cyclones. This time of the year is hot and humid.

Pros and cons of each Climates


pros- There is some pretty cool wildlife there.

cons- You'd probably freeze to death.

Marine west coast

pros- the rain could help plant growth nearby

cons- Cyclonic storms never end well.

tropical savannas:

pros- You have a wide variety of weather

cons- The humidity could end up being a problem along with cyclonic storms