Alphonse Calpone

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All About Al!

  • Italian
  • Born January 17, 1899
  • Capitalist and Machiavellian
  • Seriously lapsed Catholic
  • Brooklyn, New York

Personal Information


Bootlegging, Gambling, and Racketeering.


Being a successful leader for my business and other people involved with me and most importantly making Big Bucks.

Favorite Countries:

Italy, Puerto Rico, El Salvador


I have no specific idol but I was involved in a lot of gang activity at a young age I joined the "Five Points Gang" and looked up to people in my gang very highly.


Prohibition Leader Of Organized Crime In Chicago


North Side Gang, Robin Hood Gang, and the "Boss" Gang.

Mia Famiglia ( My Family )

My Only Child (Sonny)

Tutti i miei migliori ragazzi ( All My Best Boys )

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Al's Big Arrival

I arrived in Chicago in 1920 during the prohibition era this is when I started my business in organized crime. I found most of my business partners that are still with me today on the streets selling under the table over the counter drugs, running speakeasies, or bootlegging. Many of them came out of poor homes. I made them, They would be stupid to leave me. They are nothings without my name under their tails.

They call me Scar Face

I was working as a bouncer at a club, my mouth got the best of me I guess you could say. I may have made an inappropriate remark to a buddies girlfriend turns out he's pretty good with a Swiss Army Knife my face has the marks to prove it he gave me a pretty nifty black eye as well but that's not the only thing he gave me.. He gave me a reputation. LESSON WELL LEARNED.

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Involvement in the St. Valentines Masscre

February 14, 1929 Seven people from a rival gang of mine were lined up against a wall and brutally shot with Tommy guns. Me and my gang that assists me are to blame according to investigators and police.
But however I was never charged with a connection to this massacre because they cannot prove this accusation.
I guess we will never now will we? (;

My Arrest and Jail Time

November 16, 1939 Today is the day I have just been released from prison after ten years for tax invasion. Yes I just said tax invasion. What a sorry excuse that the police and other investigators are who were apart of my case. That's the only thing they could catch me on, I guess you could say I am a pretty sneaky guy.
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I guess you could say prison wasnt so bad(;

My Fathers Death

As I am reminiscing the past, I still miss you every day dad. Gabriel Capone was a good man, father, husband, son, brother, uncle, grandfather, and friend. He was just great in general a very caring man who always supported me and my siblings including my dearest mother. It never gets easier here without you, I may not be doing as well as you always brought me up to be but you have always been here for me, I know you are still watching out for me dad but now your in a better place. Cant wait to see you again bud.
December, 12 1864 - November 14, 1920
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Great memories with my father.

Attempt At Life

I have bought another home in Chicago in hopes of building my business bigger and bringing in more money. Me and my partners have set a meeting with a rival gang of mine who owe us payment we surely will not leave without my money or bloodshed.

Attempt at life Continued...

There was definitely blood that was shed tonight on both sides of each gang. My brother frank was shot but survived. The meeting was a setup, the rival gang came in with big weaponry hoping we were not ready to attack back but they were sadly mistaken we took the lives of multiple people of theirs tonight as they did to our gang as well. The meeting was supposed to be them giving me the money they owe me but obviously it did not turn out that way. This will not be the end of this I am not weak I will get my revenge.

Big Al's Death

January 25, 1947 Died at Palm Island, Miami Beach. Capone Contracted an illness where he slowly deteriorated in his Miami home in Palm Island surrounded by family and friends. This was a tragic death world wide, A lot were happy to hear about Capone's death sadly but others were deeply saddened.