Ellen DeGeneres

Natalie Ferreira


  • Born in Metairie, New Orleans; Attended public schools
  • Grew up in a middle-class family; Had an older brother named Vance
  • Mother worked at a college and father was an insurance salesman and a military man
  • Childhood "star" was Jane Goodall
  • Realized she was gay in her senior year of high school while dating a varsity football player
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  • Family moved A LOT
  • Parents divorced when Ellen was 13 years old
  • Step-Father did not get along with Ellen
  • Biological Father said she was not welcome in the house after she came out as gay
  • Long-Time girlfriend was killed in a car crash
  • Received death threats after publicly coming out on her show
  • Her show was cancelled after coming out
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Overcoming Her Obstacles

  • Durning parents divorce, she made fun of her mom's dancing to make her laugh
  • She did not know how to make friends in new schools, so rather than being the "popular girl" she decided to be the girl that no one could stop listening too or the class clown
  • After her father shamed Ellen for coming out, she decided to raise awareness of homosexuality
  • When her girlfriend was killed in the car crash, one of her most popular comedy acts was created
  • After receiving death threats and the cancellation of her show, she decided helped gay kids from committing suicide
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  • Show of her own: Ellen
  • Authored around 5 best selling books
  • Hosts a talk show: Ellen DeGeneres
  • Hosted the 86th Oscars
  • Voice for Dory in the movie Finding Nemo
  • Got married
  • Much, much more!!
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