Football Genius

By:Tim Green

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Falcons Football Field

It's the Atlanta Falcons Football Field. It's as green as a turtle. And as long as long as five school busses.

3&4 summary

Troys mom told Troy to give the football back to the Atlanta Falcons star linebacker Seth Halloway who met Troy at his house. When Seth got the football back he gave it back to Troy and said , "you can keep it if you tell me how you knew what T.O. was going to do on that play." After Seth gave the football back to Troy, Troy asked if Seth wanted to watch the game.

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5&6 summary

After Seth watched the game with Troy, Troys mom was home. Then Seth asked Troys mom if he could take him to one of the football coaches to show the coach something. Because Troy was telling the plays before the plays would happen to Seth. and Seth wanted to show the football coach that Troy could tell the plays before they happen. After he took Troy to the coach, the coach did believe Seth, and seth tried to show the caoch that Troy could actually tell the plays.So the coach put a game on so Seth could show the coach that Troy could read the plays.