Reform War

sandra camino

when did it happen


where did it happen


what are the names of the people involved

juan alvarez ''puro'' and appointed other radical liberal to important post such as minister of development and melchor acampo as minister of foreign. Benito juares restricted clerical privileges specifically the authority of church courts.

why did this happen?

it was conceived of as a moderate measure rather than abolish church court altogether

what was the place like before it happen ? what changes did the people want to happen ?

La Reforma period began with the issuance in 1854 of the Plan de Ayutla, a liberal pronouncement calling for the removal of the dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna. After Santa Anna’s fall in 1855, Juárez and the liberals enacted the Ley Juárez, abolishing the fueros (special privileges of the clergy and the military); the Ley Lerdo (1856) ordered the sale of all church lands not used for specifically religious purposes. In 1857 the congress, in which the moderate liberals held sway, drafted a liberal, federalist constitution; it ended special jurisdiction for the clergy, limited the power of the church, placed the army under ultimate civilian control, abolished hereditary titles and imprisonment for debt, and gave Mexican citizens their first genuine bill of rights.