The old greeks


How did Pericles strengthen democracy

Pericles reminded the citizens that Athens was unique. His words had a special meaning to Athens. They were spoken during the first year of war with Sparta. Eventually it was a conflict with Sparta that ended Athens age of accomplishment.

The family of gods

The gods were called the 12 Olympians. Each ruled different areas of humans life and natural world. The Greeks took great care when honoring there gods. They wished the gods thanks and because of there thanks they wanted to receive blessings. They did not want to anger the gods. If they did bad things would come. Zeus is the leader of all gods and humanity. He would rule the gods on top of Mt. Olympus.

Search for knowledge

Dramatic Arts

The Parthenon

The Parthenon was a temple to the god Athens. It was made of fine marble. Rows of columns surrounded it on all four sides. Then there was a room with a statue of the great god Athens. It was made of gold, ivory, and wood. The statue rose 40 feet tall, as tall as a four story building.


Greeks were the first to write about dramatic arts. The greatest achievements were the plays written during the golden age. The famous Greek plays were the tragedies. A tragedy usually ended in the disaster of a main character. Usually the chorus would sing between scenes about what is going on, the gods, or background information. Usually the people would watch for entertainment.


The thing I thought was the best in Greece was Plato and Socrates. I liked them because they changed thinking. They thought everything had to do with something other then the gods.