Pippin Opens!

April 21, 22, and 23 at 7 PM!

Pippin opens in just over a month, and we have a few more costume needs.


Over Spring Break, you will be receiving an email if your student needs to purchase shoes for the show. We are scouring area thrift stores regularly and trying to fit who we can. There will be some Visigoths and Femme Bots who will have to buy their own boots. Soldiers, you should bring your boots in with your tubs, ASAP.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR STUDENT TO CUT, TRIM, COLOR, BEAD, OR IN ANY WAY ALTER HIS OR HER HAIR UNTIL AFTER THE SHOW. Your student was selected based upon ability and appearance. Our makeup/wig-mistress is counting on your student's hair to GROW during the rehearsal process in case we have head pieces that we need to attach to his or her character. If the hair is cut, we may not be able to use the headpiece we have already constructed or purchased. Thank you for your help. As soon as the show is over, they can cut it all off, as far as we are concerned.

Every character needs a tub. If you have not sent your tub in, please do so ASAP. We need to get costume pieces and small props distributed among the tubs during the week after Spring Break.

Like every show, there is a lot of time at the front end of the process where not much happens backstage. Then, the last 3 weeks before we open EVERYTHING has to happen at once. It's just the nature of theatre. The next month will probably be stressful for your student. There is MAP testing on campus, final exams for 8th graders to prepare, and the show. Know that they will be okay; this will pass; and hopefully they will create and hone new coping skills as they feel some pressure to excel and push themselves hard. This experience should not leave them where it found them. Lots of water, learning to prioritize, getting some sleep, and even taking a multi-vitamin could help your student keep going.

Just a reminder that all money is due for actors BEFORE April 1. All of the makeup orders are being called in that morning; all T-shirts are being ordered that morning; and all Break-A-Leg texts will be turned into the printer that morning. If you have not forwarded the text you would like for your Break-A-Leg ad, please do so quickly. Those spaces in the program are filling up! You may send those in to kstirlen@liberty.k12.mo.us. Each Break A Leg is $25 and must be paid for before April 1.

We still have (non) raffle tickets available for each night of the show. Hopefully, you have purchased a chance to be our VIP for the evening with 4 FREE tickets; 4 RESERVED seats; a RESERVED PARKING space; a FREE photo-cd of the cast; and some FREE snacks from the concession stand. See a cast/crew member for your chance! All 3 VIP's will be drawn at the March 31st rehearsal, and the winners will be notified by phone or email.

Tickets for family members go on sale April 21, during Spring Break. Just go to www.showtix4u.com and enter this code: M A J I C (no spaces). This will ensure you get seats before they sell out. Because we only have 3 performances and no matinee, it is likely that the shows will sell out online. Tickets go on sale to the general public on April 1st.

Thank you for your continued help and support. Spring Break should be a time of rest and rejuvenation for your family; HOWEVER, YOUR ACTOR STILL NEEDS TO REHEARSE DAILY. We will be running the show from start to finish at each rehearsal after the break -adding technical elements like costumes, props, lights, sound, special effects, music, etc... as we go.

Please email with any questions or concerns. Your kids are my kids, too!

Kate Stirlen