It's A Capella Time!

Don't Just Stand There - SING!!

Our special day is coming soon!!

Do you like to sing? Do you ever find yourself singing in the shower? Have you ever pictured yourself on Broadway? If the answer is yes then consider being a member of Temple Emanu-El Teen A Capella Group.

Do you get into the "zone" each day? (School, homework, computer games, television, sleep and do it again the same way the next day?) Consider shedding all of the distractions for an hour by enjoying music. Become an active participant on a fantastic journey. It's not easily accomplished BUT it is worth the effort.

What is A Cappella? Choral music without instrumental accompaniment.

A recent TV commercial reminds us that it takes only four muscles to smile, but thirteen to frown. Did you know that it takes quite a bit of physical sensation to produce a believable visual result? By simply focusing on sound, wonderful things happen. We learn confidence in ourselves in all we do.

I forgot to tell you. My name is Loretta Peskin, and I LOVE TO SING! Join me if you do too!

By the way, don't just stand there...SING!

TEEM A Capella

Monday, Dec. 3rd 2012 at 8:15-9:15pm

123 Merrick Ave

East Meadow, NY

Mondays after Hebrew School we'll come together for some fun.

Call the religious school office to reserve a spot today.

We're going to have a fabulous time!

A Capella Rocks My World!

See you soon!