Balance of Power in Canada

By Jarrett Taylor

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Size of Canada

  • Canada has 3.511 sq miles or 9.093 sq kilometers of living area,
  • It is the second largest country in the world by area if you don't count Antarctica as a country
  • The only country bigger than it is Russia
  • Even though Canada is the second largest country by area, most of Canada is very cold and in some places it is almost unlivable
  • So even though Canada has a large area this does not make it very powerful.

The population of Canada

  • Canada has a population of about 35 million people which is less than the population of California which is around 38 million
  • Canada is second for land area it is ranked 37th for population
  • Because of its small population this makes it where it does not have the largest army to control their country and they also can't protect themselves to well.


  • Canada is ranked 7th our of 16 peer countries
  • Is was given a B which means that around 25 percent of people between age 24-64 have a university degree
  • Canada is smarter than most but does not have the best education system
  • In this aspect Canada is more powerful than most but not all
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How well equipped is Canada's military and how well do the people their get along

  • Canada is ranked 14th for spending the most on their armed forces
  • Canada has the 34th largest army by population
  • Canada spends a lot on its army even though it doesn't have a large army to spend it on meaning that their army is well equipped
  • It's military is trained well but doesn't have many people so this factor makes it only able to over power around 3/4 of the other armies in the world
  • Most of the people speak English or French
  • Most people are catholic
  • The people in Canada get along well because the normally have the same religion and speak the same language making them powerful in the sense of teamwork

Canada's physical features

  • In the north part of Canada it is much colder than the south part
  • This makes it where you can only live in the south because the north is too cold to live in
  • Canada has many mountains but most of them are not that big
  • This makes it somewhat hard to travel but not that hard which makes it a little hard on Canada's armed forces to travel
  • Canada's geography does not make it over powered

Economy in Canada

  • Canada's economy is in the top 15 in the world being ranked around 13th
  • It's economy resembles Americas by the the high tech industrial society in the trillion dollar class
  • Canada has highly skilled work force to help the economy
  • Canada's economy has also been getting better since 2010, after the bad economy they had for about 2 years, and is said that the economy is to be balanced by 2015
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