By Laurie Halse Anderson

A Cinderella Story

"once upon a time there was an eighteen-year-old girl who dragged her butt out of bed and hauled it all the way to school on a sunny day in may". Ashley Hannigan, a normal high school girl, who doesn't care about the prom but her best friend Natalia {head of the prom committee} is all about prom. Ashley has a boyfriend named Tj smokes and drinks. Her mother, who is pregnant, wants her to go to prom. But a sudden turn of events happened. Ashley's math teacher stole the prom money and the prom had to be cancelled. So Nat, Ashley, and the prom committee decided to raise money and make the new prom in the gym. Ashley was a trouble maker so she had to many detentions and the principal told her she couldn't go to prom. The night of the prom Ashley got in line with her mom because they were looking for Nat's grandma. But Ashley told her mom to fake being in labor so she could sneak into the prom. Ashley got in and had a good time with her friends.


I chose this book because it was like a Cinderella story but had a twist to it. My favorite part of the book occurred when Ashley decided to dump her boyfriend in the prom line and go in with her friends. In my opinion, the book is really life like. I can see this happening in real life. Some reasons i liked the book included; i haven't been to prom yet but i liked the fact that Ashley had a good time without a date.

overall, I would rate the book 5 stars because it relates to high school students. This book would be recommended for teenagers.

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