Healthy food and natural drinks in your school!

This innovative idea will bring a new type of products to your school

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Our products:

The benefits and drawbacks

  • Healthy and quick snacks inside the school
  • Less caloric food in the bar
  • Affordable price, around 1€ (the school should make low profit therefore the price is still affordable)

  • However, its a long-term investment which will cost the school around 2500€

How it works

  • The vending machine must be ordered by the school to the company. (
  • The machine stocked weekly by the company.
  • The machine has a sensor that will allow the school to check the stock of the machine anytime without opening the machine.
  • It's divided in 2 areas: the cold zone and the not-cold zone.
  • The machine has a safety mechanism that won't allow students to remove products without paying or to recieve 2 products only paying for 1.
Hugo Fernandes

João Magalhães
Tiago Fragoso