George W. Bush Presidency Collage

Celine Rodriguez

Year 2000

Bush/Gore Race-

Bush vs. Gore-

Year 2001

9/11 Terror Attacks-

Patriot Act passed-

Year 2002

The hunt for Osama in Afghanistan-

North Korea Admits to testing Nuclear Weapons-

Year 2003

War in Iraq begins-

Capture of Saddam Hussein-

Year 2004

Former President Ronald Reagan Dies-

SE Asian Tsunami-

Kerry/Bush Campaign and Election-

Year 2005

Hurricane Katrina Hits New Orleans-

Year 2006

Hurricane Rita Hits Texas-

Democrats take control of House and Senate-

Saddam Hussein executed-

Year 2007

Nancy Pelosi first female Speaker of the House-

McCain/Obama Campaign and Race-

Steroids in Baseball scandal-

Year 2008

First "Bailouts" begin-

Year 2009

President Barack Obama Inauguration-