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September 2016

Welcome New Preschool Teachers!

We are so excited to introduce our new staff members to you! If you are a returning preschool parent you have probably noticed some new faces this year, so we wanted to let you know who they are!

Our new teachers this year are getting settled and doing a fantastic job already!

Here is a list of their names and positions:

Marsha Davis -- lead teacher of one of the 3-Day-2s classes

Jennifer Tuggle -- lead teacher of the Butterflies class

Trish Hogan -- assistant teacher in the Butterflies class

Katie Lord -- Happy Feet teacher and assistant in Honeybees class

Brandi Garrett -- assistant in 5-Day-2s class

It is so exciting to have these wonderful ladies join our preschool family this year!

Memories with Mom/Book Fair Week

We are excited to have Memories with Mom in September again this year and also the Scholastic Book Fair! The dates for the book fair are September 12-16, and it will be located in the Preschool Galleria. It will be open the same hours that the preschool is open. The book fair is a great way to help nurture your child's love of reading, build your book collection at home, and purchase gifts for birthdays and Christmas presents.

The proceeds that we receive from the book fair also help us purchase new books and resources for our preschool classrooms! Thank you so much for supporting our book fair!

The Memories with Mom dates are Sept. 13 and 14. Please be sure to check with your child's teacher to know which day to come for your child's class. We can't wait to host all of our moms in just a few weeks! It is such a special day!


Carpool has been going very smoothly so far this year! At morning drop off, the teachers come to you and get your child out of the car for you. At afternoon pick up, we load 4 cars at a time and the teachers will bring your children to you.

Please ALWAYS TURN RIGHT when exiting the carpool line! This is for safety and also it keeps our line moving so we are not backing up the carpool line and waiting on traffic. Thank you so much for helping us with this!

Chapel with Mrs. Linsey

I am so excited to announce our Chapel time will be held in our Sanctuary this year!

I am eager to allow the children to “touch and feel” the special areas in our Sanctuary.

I will still dress up, use puppets, sing songs and make our Chapel time lots of fun!

Ms. Janis, our organist, will join us too and show us the organ, the pipes and how she makes beautiful music to praise our Lord.

Our Chapel time will be on Mondays with each age group meeting together; 2’s, 3’s and 4’s.

I am looking forward to watching your children grow spiritually!

Preschool Snack Time!

Snack time is a fun and important part of everyday at Weekday Preschool. Parents bring in snacks on a rotation basis determined by your child's teacher. Your teacher will alert you to any specific allergies in the class that you may need to keep in mind. NEVER SEND PEANUT BUTTER! We do not allow peanut butter or nut products of any kind in the building.

Ways to incorporate Healthy Snacks in School….

Healthy snacks help kids stay calmer, alert, and focused in school in addition to keeping their tummies satisfied and full. High sugar and low protein snacks do the opposite. To maximize your kids learning time and assist teachers in keeping kids focused – we can feed our children healthy, high protein, whole grain snacks.

Choose food – not food products. Avoid high fructose corn syrup and choose foods with the least amount of ingredients (less processed).

Grains: Whole grain crackers, popcorn, Honey wheat pretzels, Crisp flat breads (Wasa crackers), Homemade whole wheat muffins or banana bread

Fruits: Apples, Bananas, Blueberries, Clementines, Grapes (halved), Kiwi, Orange wedges, Strawberries, Raspberries, Watermelon (cubed), Orange wedges, Dried fruit (raisins, pears, apples, etc.)

Vegetables: Baby carrots, Cucumber slices

Things to avoid for snacks: Donuts, Cookies, Fruit gushers/gummies, High sugar yogurts

Wednesday Nights at AFUMC

If you are interested in having your 3 or 4 year old child participate in one of the children's choirs here at AFUMC, all are welcome to join! You do not need to be a church member to participate. Sarah Lawing, who teaches Joyful Noise (Music) here at preschool, is the Children's Music Director for the church. There are registration forms for all choirs on the church website.

National Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Saturday, September 10 is National Teddy Bear Picnic Day, and Barnes and Noble in Athens is hosting a Teddy Bear Picnic at 11:30am that day! There will be stories, singing, coloring, and other fun activities. This is just a fun community event that we wanted to let you know about in case you are interested in taking your preschooler!

CALENDAR REMINDERS for September/October

Monday, September 1: Tuition Due (payment 2 of 9) & Supply Fee of $25/child

Monday, September 5: LABOR DAY (No school)

September 12 - 16: Scholastic Book Fair

September 13 and 14: Memories with Mom

Wednesday, October 1: Tuition Due (payment 3 of 9)

Monday, October 10: Columbus Day (No school)

October 19 and 20: Fall Pictures

Friday, October 28: No School; Fall Break


Confused about when and what you owe to Weekday Preschool?

Hopefully this will help!

REGISTRATION FEE: A non-refundable registration fee of $150 was due at the time of registration to secure your child’s placement in the preschool program.

TUITION: Tuition is paid in nine installments; the first tuition installment for the 2016-2017 school year was due by May 1, 2016 to keep your placement. The remaining eight tuition installments are due on the first of each month starting with September 1, 2016 and concluding with the April 1, 2017 installment.

SUPPLY FEES: There is a twice a year supply fee of $25 per student due September 1, 2016 and January 1, 2017.

Tuition and fee reminders are included in this monthly newsletter. Personalized invoices are NOT sent. A late fee of $20 is assessed if not received by the 5th of the month.

Tuition Amounts by # Days per week your child attends:

2 days per week: $185

3 days per week: $220

4 days per week: $275

5 days per week: $285

Sample Payment Schedule

Registration Fee--Due January or at time of registration, $150 per child

May 1--Tuition Payment #1

Sept 1--Tuition Payment #2 and $25 Supply Fee

Oct 1-- Tuition Payment #3

Nov 1--Tuition Payment #4

Dec 1--Tuition Payment #5

Jan 1-- Tuition Payment #6 and $25 Supply Fee

Feb 1-- Tuition Payment #7

Mar 1--Tuition Payment #8

Apr 1--Tuition Payment #9, last payment for 2016-17

Pay Online Now

Click here to make a payment through our website for tuition, lunch bunch and/or supply fees.

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