huntington's disease

come learn how this disease works

how it works

it an incurable disease that causes parts of the brain to deteriorate like movement behavior and abilities to walk or think.The symptoms are uncontrolled movement of the arms and legs head face and upper body.also causes decline in thinking and motor skills,memory, concentration and ability to organize.

how do u get it

How did i get this is disease, a lot of people say well u get it by a dominant gene in your dad that passes to u and if u have another kid it is a 50/50 chance this one may have it to but there is some way to kind of help u can go to a gene doctor and they look at your parents history to see if anyone in your family is a carrier and to see how many are

what can you do

so now that u know alittle bit of this disorderi am very sorry to tell u their is now cure but they have been working on a cure but it is not able to go out to the public yet because they have not got good results.