Brittany Henderson


allllllll meeeeee!

I have plenty of hobbies, i LOVE drawing! I also really like eating, hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, playing baloon tower defense 5, and online shopping.(: I am a Cheerleader for the school. i used to play basketball but i quit and thats something i really regret.

I have 2 brothers one is 22 the other is 13... im the middle child..:) I also have 2 half sisters that i have never met before.

When i grow up i want to be a Neonatalogist!!!

Over break i hung out with my family and my boyfriend. I shopped and ate... A LOT!! I also had to work... :( i work at Price Chopper in Raymore. i celebrate christmas by waking up and opening presents and getting ready and going to my great aunts house for lunch!

To bring in the new year.. i didnt do anything oopsies :)

I looooovvveeee giraffes, my favorite subject is algebra. i like the color orange, and i love singing. i also really like chocolate! i also like working out.

Well thats a little about me!:)