Notre Dame GOOGLE Newsletter

February 2016 - Special Chromebook Edition

Welcome to the February edition of the Notre Dame Google Newsletter. This is a special ALL CHROMEBOOK edition. Scroll down to find out what is new and interesting in the world of Google Apps for Education and how Chromebooks help utilize all Google has to offer.

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What is a Google App? What is a Google Extension? What is a Google Add-On?

Google Apps + Extensions + Add-Ons can be found at the Google Chrome web Store - (click on the picture below to go the Chrome store)

Google Apps are a free set of communication and collaboration tools that are both general and content specific. More than 30 million students, educators, and administrators in schools around the world are now using them. Many students will use these tools in college and the workplace – seven out of eight Ivy League universities and five million businesses use Google Apps.

Extensions are mini-programs that modify and enhance the functionality of the Google Chrome browser. They extend Google Chrome’s abilities by adding a button next to the address bar, which applies to the current website being viewed. Add-ons are extra features within Google Drive that enhance its functions.--

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Annotate Directly on a PDF (There are lots of options)

Kami is a Google Chrome App that allows you to view, annotate, share and collaborate your files on Chrome.

Kami (formerly Notable PDF) is your cloud-based all-in-one office productivity tool.

Students can annotate online textbooks as well as collaborate with other students

With Kami, you can do more with your files and it is FREE to use.

Watch an excellent video demonstrating how Kami can be used with Google Classroom

Watch another great demonstration using Kami to annotate online textbooks


Socrative empowers you to engage and assess your students as learning happens. Through the use of real-time questioning, result aggregation, and visualization, you have instant insight into levels of understanding so you can use class time to better collaborate and grow as a community of learners.

Instant Feedback

Visualize student and whole class understanding in the moment. Student results populate the teacher’s screen as they submit answers to multiple choice, true/false, graded short answer, or open-response questions.

Watch a introduction to Socrative video tutorial HERE


The most popular Chrome extension, with over 40 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.

Blocks YouTube, Facebook and ads everywhere else on the web.

The original AdBlock for Chrome works automatically. Choose to continue seeing unobtrusive ads, whitelist your favorite sites, or block all ads by default. Just click "Add to Chrome," then visit your favorite website and see the ads disappear!

Watch a video showing you how to install AdBlock on your Chrome browser

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