A Rape on Campus

Landry Jorski

Article Review:

This article is about a freshman girl named Jackie in college at the University of Virginia and her story on how she was brutally assaulted and raped by several Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity members. Throughout the article she explains the story of how she was raped and what she did about it after.
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Broader Issues:

Reading this article you can tell that there are very many issue going on at the University of Virginia. Some issues I thought of was the greek life at the college, teenage pregnancy, underage drinking and drugs. These certain rape cases in society are affecting many young girls. This is not a social norm, This is an act of very ruthless college males who are acting upon an innocent young girl. The perspective of these boys may think that it is okay, but in everyone else in society rape is not okay.


Empathy relates to this article because I feel sadness and feel angry for Jackie. Jackie thought she was going to the party to have a fun time with "Drew" but he did not end up to be the guy that he seemed.