Summative Assessment #4

Hunter Fellin

Federalists and Antifederalists

The federalists work for a stronger government and the antifederalists work for stronger states.The federalists want government to make rules all of america and the antifederalists want states to make rules for their own state.

Republicans and Democrats

Republicans are for rules like pro life and the democrats are for choice like pro choice.


Both fight against each other but work for the same thing, the good for the people in America. There views from Federalists and Antifederalists to Republicans and Democrats are still the same. Than mean that are culture is maintaining the same form federalists and antifederalists to republicans and democrats

Election of 1800

John Adams and Aaron Burr tied with citizens votes, but John won with the representatives.There was almost a civil war with federalists and antifederalists, but was stopped by John’s speech.

Election of 2008

Barack Obama and John McCain with Barack Obama wins and becomes the first colored skin president.


They both are important, 1 was the first tie and almost war, the other was the first colored skin president.We are still doing things for the first time ever and that means that we are still developing as a society.