Move to Utopia

A free enterprise country

Utopia is a space settlement meaning you get to experience 0 gs in an safe environment. We have technology far more advanced than the countries on earth. To get there just simply hop onto are teleporter with your belongings All of our money is backed by Metals far more expensive than gold.
Minimum wage is $9.00 an hour Your are free to make any business you please (as long as its not illegal.) The laws are almost exactly the same as the USA. You have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Health care is provided by the government.
Some people will say that free enterprise makes a huge gap between rich and poor but, its actually how hard the try and work that makes the gap.

People don't like minimum wages because they say "its to low" but really it isn't if we didn't have minimum wages people will be paid extremely low amounts.

Gene Barr - Why Free Enterprise Works