Henry Ford

Jill Lambert

Henry's Biogrophy

Henry is a Automotive Executive and launched the era of the mass produced automobile. He invented the assembly line to make it cheaper for cars to be made. He also invent the T Model. Ford even made the first affordable automobile. He lived a wonderful life of eighty-four years.

Henry's Event

Friday, July 30th 1920 at 7pm

20900 Oakwood Boulevard

Dearborn, MI

His Impact

Henry Ford created the assembly line. It had a lot of impact on the process of making vehicles. People would stand in their spot with their own part to put on the car. As the unfinished car moved its way down the line they added their part. At the end of the line it would be finished. This was a more efficient, cheaper way to make the car.

Video Question

How did his Model T revolutionize transportation in America?