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The District Cultural Support Program provides direct services to support the academic, cultural and social well-being and success of Native American, Alaska Native and other K-12 Students from traditionally underrepresented communities.


Many exciting things have happened this year for our Native students and communities.

In this Spring Newsletter, we'll be introducing Jennifer Leatham, the newest member to our District Cultural Student Program (CSP) Staff. Additionally, Sarah Brassard and Silvia Johnson will be sharing a little more about what they've been doing this year. Most important, we will be highlighting our Native Graduates of 2016.

As you read, you will begin to see the different ways we are instituting our "Go Green/Paperless" initiative which is also a part of the School District's "Go Google!" Initiative. The "button" features will allow you to have immediate access to our new online forms for Summer Camp.

We raise our hands to the Muckleshoot Tribe and Enumclaw School District for your endless support in the growth and success of our program.

Have a wonderful Spring/Summer Season and we will see you at our upcoming events!

Malama pono,

Kapiolani A. Laronal, Haida/Tsimshian/Native Hawaiian
Cultural Student Program Manager /Native American Education Coordinator

New Chromebooks Available for CSP Computer Loan Program

In January 2016 Enumclaw School District announced it's official "Students Go Google!" initiative, in which, "Google accounts...will allow students to effectively collaborate with other students and [the] staff". (Technology Dept. Announcement, Jan. 2016)

Along with this official move to "Go Google" the Cultural Student Program is providing Google Chromebooks to replace our Computer Laptops for our Computer/Calculator Loan Program. CSP Staff are also receiving training on a monthly basis in order to best support our students and the district with the transition to Google Chrome.

2016-17 Pow Wow Princess

The Enumclaw School District Native American Department has a rich history of assigning the special honor to an outstanding Native student within the dance troupe to be part of our Pow Wow Royalty. Some of the things they will be expected to do during their reign: Have a mature attitude and respect for the dance and our Elders. Participate in various local events, like the Homecoming parade and attend several pow wows over the summer. Please meet Bryonna Harris in10th Grade of the Assiniboine-Gros Ventre Tribe in the Montana area.

*NEW* Cultural Student Program Electronic Application (Complete Below Today!)

We are going live with online applications this year. Even if your student is a current participant, we encourage you to complete this form! Providing your information will allow us to serve your student better.

Our services are also available to Enumclaw School District Native American/Alaskan Native/Native Hawaiian and other students representing diverse communities.

Applications are also available in Spanish. To request a hard-copy please e-mail: kapiolani_laronal@enumclaw.wednet.edu.

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Coho Salmon Release with Mrs. Johnson & Southwood Students

Mark Your Calendars

We know the end of the school year is a very busy time. We are eager to celebrate the victories that your student has had over the year. Please make note of the special events below. Click on the picture next to this text for a full District Cultural Student Program Calendar.
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** IMPORTANT DATES for our Native Graduating Seniors Listed Below **

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Native American Cultural Summer Camp

Register for Native American Day Camp *Click here*

Join us for camp June 20-23, from 9:30 am-2:30 pm at Kibler Elementary. Please see Registration for Complete Details. Eligibility: Current Native American/Alaskan Native Program Participants Entering Grades 1-8. Space is limited to 25 students.


New Middle School Cultural Specialist

Aama galaak! Ayaltganu! T’aału Maalsk di waayu. Ts’msyenu.Waabm ana’neext. Gisputwada di pteexgu. Kent di wil waatgu. Paul Ferree waa na di nagwaadu. Diana Ferree waa na di nooyu. Virgil Viereck Sr. waa na di nagwaada nagwaadu. Bobbie Viereck waa di noo nooyu. Black Diamond di wil dzogu.

T'oyaxsm nuusm! Sa Aamł waalsm.

That was my formal introduction to you in my native Tsimshian language, Sm’algyax. Here is the translation: Good Day! I am Fortunate! T’aału Maalsk is my Tsimshian name. It literally means “I have History”. I am Tsimshian and of the House of the Blue Billed Duck. Killerwhale is my Clan. My parents are Paul and Diana Ferree of Covington, and my grandparents are Virgil Viereck and Bobbie Viereck. I currently live in Black Diamond. (My Tsimshian grandmother was from Prince Rupert, BC, while my current family, those not in Seattle, live in Metlakatla, AK.)

Thank you all. May your name always be good.

If we haven’t already met, some of you may recognize me from my involvement in the Black Diamond PTA a few years ago. I am very excited to be formally on board the Cultural Student Program team. My daughter, who has been a part of the program a total of 8 years, has always benefited greatly from the opportunities she’s had with Sarah, Cathy and Sharon over the years and now, this year, with Kapiolani.

Just a little about me… I have been a youth pastor at a local church for the past 18 years. It is there that I found my passion for advocacy for our youth of all ages. I look forward to meeting and working with you. Outside of my time at school, most of my activities are family-centered. My daughter, my mother and I belong to a Tsimshian dance group in Seattle called Tsimshian Haayuuk. It means the "Spirit of the Tsimshian". We dance with cedar hats, button robes, masks, and other props you would find typically used at a Potlatch.

Sa Aamł waalsm,

Jen Leatham, Tsimshian

Cultural Specialist for Middle Schools


Latino Specialist Brings New Tradition to Pow Wow

Hello families,

I am Silvia Johnson, Latino Specialist.

As I am entering my second year with the District Cultural Student Program, I have had the opportunity to help our Latino students and families as well as our Native students and families.

It has been an amazing year being an advocate for our students and families and building trust and academic support for them. I look forward to next school year, to take our students on field trips and events that will benefit their future and also to continue the academic support for our students and families.

Thank you families for letting us be a part or your students lives.

Silvia Johnson

At this year's Pow Wow, the Portillo family did an amazing job demonstrating a Latino Dande called Jalisqueno.

Come to the ESD Cultural Student Program's 2nd Annual Fiesta on May 13 to experience more Mexican Dancing, Mariachis and Delicious Food!

Please meet the Portillos: David (3rd Gr), Kitza (5th Gr), Isla (10th Gr), Keira (K), Samuel and Gladys

Native American Specialist in her 7th Year

Hi! My name is Sarah Brassard.

I have been the Native American Specialist for the Enumclaw School District for the past 7 years. I have enjoyed working with all the Native American students in our district and I look forward to working with them for many more years.

My job has been to have classes with our students in the Elementary schools and Middle schools. We have gone on around 6 field trips a year with the Elementary, Middle, and High school students. I have cultural lessons and cultural hands on activities with the Elementary students.

In the past we have taken students to Salmon days, Potlatch, Basket weaving, Supaman, College fairs, Living Voices, Muckleshoot Career Day, Wild Waves, and Seattle Aquarium, just to name a few.

Here is a list of things we are working on or are just wrapping up:

  • We have Native dance class January-March then the students dance in the assemblies at our schools and then we end with a huge Pow Wow in March.
  • We take our seniors to visit the Tribal Council at Muckleshoot.
  • Finally we end the school year with a summer camp for 1st - 8th grade students.

Dream Catchers Created by Our Elementary Students

The Ojibwe Legend of the Dream Catcher...

A woman watched a spider spin its web patiently day by day above the place where she slept. One day, her grandson saw the spider and tried to kill it.

“Don’t hurt it” the woman said.

“But, grandmother, you shouldn’t protect this spider” said the boy who didn’t kill the spider, after all.

When her grandson left, the spider thanked the woman and promised to spun for her a web. “The web I will spin you will hang between you and the moon, so that it will snare the bad thoughts while you sleep and keep them from you”.

At this, the woman smiled and watched the spider spin its web.


Muckleshoot Behavioral Health Family & Youth Services

The program provides comprehensive mental health, state certified chemical dependency treatment, adult recovery housing & prevention services to Tribal community members, families & other Native Americans living on & near the Muckleshoot Reservation.

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Eagle Feathers on Graduation Caps

OSPI has given permission for all Natives in all districts to wear their Eagle feather on their Caps. ESD has allowed this practice for many years, thanks to our Native Ed Program. This year we have our first student wearing a woven cedar cap!

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