Creation of Wealth

Note: The discover of Gold


After reading Cry,the Beloved Country, I created a flyer in which addressed the question "What is the author saying about creation" and determined that the author supports that the discovery of Gold does not just solve all problems. I have supported this by the dangers, the strikes that occurred, John Kumalo's point, and the distractions it has caused.

John Kumalo's Point of View

Some people were not having such a success of being able to make enough money. They were not able to make enough money to support their family. It is not bad to ask for more money if you really need it. The Landsdown Commission and The Smit Commission both said they do not get enough so money. The mines seem to have began to advance the city. If the people who worked for industries began receiving a higher amount of money the mines would begin to shut down, they say. Is that true? The people who are already rich have a lot of money and they continue to get it. Why can't we get some extra money so our families can eat? Is it really going to hurt that bad? (Paton 218-219)