The Wall and the Wing

written by Laura Ruby Book Review by Mrs. Kuhrts

Read this Modern Fantasy Adventure!!!

The Wall and the Wing was written by Laura Ruby in 2006. This modern fantasy adventure story takes place in New York City, in a world where people are able to fly!!! Join the main characters Gurl and Bug as they try to discover their own individual talents in a city filled with mystery and magic!

Would you rather have the power of invisibility or the power to fly? Join Gurl and Bug as they each discover their unique talents!

Book Summary

In the beginning of the story we meet the Professor, a strange man with grass for hair and lots of cats. A man named Sweetcheeks, along with Odd John, come to his door in search of the Wall. Meanwhile, at the Hope House for the Homeless and Hopeless in New York City a girl name Gurl is a lonely orphan.

Gurl lives in world where practically everyone can fly - except for her. Gurl sneaks out of the orphanage one night and finds a cat in an alley. Cats are VERY rare, and Gurl loves this cat and decides to keep her and name her Noodle. In the alley Gurl also discovers she has her own unique talent - she can become invisible.

Gurl tries to keep her power of invisibility a secret, but the evil Mrs. Terwiliger who runs the orphanage finds out. Mrs. Terwiliger holds Noodle hostage in a cage and forces Gurl to go out and steal things for her.

Gurl finds an unlikely friend in a boy name Bug who is new to the orphanage. Bug has amnesia and cannot remember anything about who he is, other than the fact that he desperately wants to be a famous Wing and be able to fly. Bug and Gurl both want to find out who they really are.

They end up visiting the Professor who informs Gurl just how unique she is. She is the Wall, and there are people who are out to get her! Bug and Gurl decide they need to steal Noodle from Mrs. Terwiliger and leave the orphanage for good.

Meanwhile, Sweetcheeks and his partner in crime Odd John are searching for Gurl. Sweetcheeks plans on finding and capturing Gurl in order to make her do all sorts of criminal activity for him with her power of invisibility.

Will Sweetcheeks capture Gurl? Will Bug ever remember who he is? And how does a surprise character, the Richest Man in the Universe, with his magical pen play into the story? Read The Wall and the Wing to find out!

Themes found in The Wall and the Wing

There are several important themes woven throughout the entire story.

Friendship is an important theme. At the beginning of the book, Gurl and Bug do not really care for each other. When they both want the cat Noodle they form an unlikely friendship in order to keep Noodle safe from Mrs. Terwiliger. As they grow as friends with this common goal in mind, they learn each other's secrets and work together to develop their individual talents and learn to become happy with who they are.

Family is another underlying theme. Both Gurl and Bug begin the book as orphans. Neither of them know where they came from, or what it is like to have a true family that loves you unconditionally. In the end, they discover the truth about their families and are able to see the difference between a family that uses you and treats you unfairly, and a family that loves you and never gives up on you.
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I loved reading this story that was filled with several twists and turn, and lots of unique characters. I love the magic that is included in the modern day setting of New York City. I would recommend this book to both middle school girls and boys, especially anyone who wants to read a fun story about friendship, with a little bit of humor and magic mixed in. The Wall and the Wing is a great story, and don't forget to check out the sequel The Chaos King by Laura Ruby as well!