Longitude and Latitude

By: Grace Schoening

What is Longitude and Latitude, and Why Is It Important?


  1. Imaginary lines
  2. Going up and down (North and South)
  3. Prime Meridian (0˚)
  4. Meridian


  1. Imaginary lines
  2. Going side ways (West and East)
  3. Equator (0˚)
  4. Parallel

Why It's Important

  1. Helps find locations
  2. Radio Calls
  3. Weather forecasts

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During this journal I have learned about longitude, latitude, and why it's important. Longitude is an imaginary line that goes from North to South. The 0˚ line is called the Prime Meridian. They also can be called meridian lines. Latitude is a line that goes side to side, or West to East. The 0˚ is known as the equator, and the other lines are commonly called parallels. These lines are important for finding locations. Many weather forecasts use longitude and latitude when tracking storms, airplanes use it frequently also.

I believe I should get an A or B+ for this journal. I think this because I learned new things and met the requirements. This journal wasn't very difficult for me either. So maybe next time I'll choose one that is a little more difficult. An A or B+ is what I think I deserve.