Ohio State College Flyer

NCAA National champions

Name and location of Ohio State

The name of College: Ohio State University The distance from Swansboro NC to Ohio state university is 9 h 50 min (623.1 mi) via I-40 W and I-77 N.

It is in the states capital of Columbus.

Size of the school

Ohio state has a total undergraduate enrollment of 44,741, and the campus size of the university is 1,777 acres and it was founded in 1870.

The Academics at Ohio state. They have over 200 majors at the Ohio state university. Some are minors and some are specializations. They also have more than 200 programs for the university in 50 countries.

You can live in one of their dorms with a roommate or you can stay outside of the campus in an apartment or house. They have many dorms and you are most likely going to get a roommate. They have many dining halls and restaurants all around the campus. You can also go off campus to a restaurant.


They have lots of clubs. They have sports such as football, basketball, baseball and many other sports. They even have women teams and rec teams. Rec teams are like playing but not for the school. It is like for a different team but in that location for people who want to play but don’t make the requirements to play or don’t make the team after trying out. It is an alternative privilege.


They have recreational sports for many and all students attending the Ohio state university. The have an RPAC which is a recreational center with sports games and activities. They have facilities involving operations and department. They have 5 recreational sports with many coaches and hours.