See You at Harry's

Lauren Emanuel 1st Hour


See You at Harry's is a good book that is about the differences in people and that can break people apart. This girl named Fern just starting middle school. Ferns dad is a workaholic at the business that he owns, Harry's, Ferns has two brothers, Holden and Charlie, and one sister Sara. In his dad's opinion Holden is a little confused on who to like. Charlie is a wild and outgoing kid. One day he ran out in front of a car seeming to be okay he carry's on. The next day after the accident every one thought that charlie was just sleeping, then when their mom walks in to the room trying to wake him up just as she realizes that she cant he is already gone. Fern comes in next to find her mom rocking the him in the chair crying. Holden, behind Fern, starts calling the police then yells for Sara to get out of the bathroom and and see what happened. They say that it might be because of a blood clot that went to the head when he was hit the other day. This is when Fern starts to blame herself for the accident.


Fern feels like she is invisible to every one around her. Her best friend Ran is a guy that does not believe in violence. This is why she she is shy to tell him that she punched one of the twins in the head for picking on Holden and her on the bus. Holden has a guy "friend" that his mom and dad is worried about because he is a senior in high school while Holden is just starting high school. This is why the twins pick on Holden. After the accident Fern feels that everyone is blaming her for the accident even though everybody is saying its not her fault.

Characters Change

I think I kinda relate to Fern Because she has an older sister that is kinda rude to everyone around her, like me i have an older brother that does not really care about anyone around him. One of the characters that i did not like that well would be the twins because they would pick on people for the stupidest reasons, for what the believe in. i also dislike the aunt because she would skip Ferns bus stop because she stood up for herself and her brother by punching one of the twins in the face. In this book non of the characters reminded me of any of the other characters in other books i have read.


Two of the major themes of this book is guilt and depression. Fern feel the guilt pounding on her when she learns that char;lie never woke up. Her mom, also torn by this feels, its her fault because she never took him to the doctor seeing it could have saved his life. The death of Charlie is bringing everyone in to a depressed mood. I have not read any other books that have similar themes. One of my favorite quotes would be from Charlie "See you at Hawees's because this was the phrase he said when his dad wanted to make a commercial.