Why cities should give free wifi

By: Edwin Gutierrez

My Claim

People should get free wifi because people need to Skype about a project,for work, and to look for information.

Why people should give free wifi

People have access to wifi everywhere groceries stores are offering free wifi they can cruise

the web while riding through aisles.In establishment where you sit in restaurant,dentist,doctors even coffee shops.

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Connectivity Can Increase Satisfaction

There's nothing worse than waiting round because the doctor is running late, the repair is taking longer than expected or any other unexpected inconvenience that eats into your personal time.
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Cost is Cheap

Another plus to offering free WiFi to your customers is that it costs almost nothing to supply it. You’ll want to have an additional router to keep customer WiFi separate from your business internet use to prevent any security issues, but a $50 router will easily allow you to provide customer connectivity.

Offering wifi can allow you to gather

If you require customers to sign in via a social media service to access your WiFi, you can get customer information that will allow you to interact with them and promote your business. Alternately, purple wifi will set up your customer WiFi for free (but you can upgrade to enhanced services for a modest cost) and help you set up internet coupons, etc.