Here i gonna show you a place in Norway, its called Engerdal


Engerdal is a small village in Hedmark. Engerdal is a big commune in areal, but it doesn’t live many people there, it just living about 1400 people there. Engerdal is a very successful place for a person that’s love to hunt and fish. It’s about 800 fishing places there, and this is very good.

The areal in Engerdal is: Total: 2 196, 61 km². Country: 1 920,52 km². Water: 276, 09 km².

Engerdal’s mayor are Lars Erik Hyllvang, he is a guy from Hylleråsen in Engerdal.

The place that called Engerdal have also very different type of people, they have Sami that’s have reindeer, some of this people are living in Elgå, it was and school there, but it wasn’t many people on the school, so they moved the people to Engerdal Barne og Ungdomskole (EBUS).

Its two schools in Engerdal, they are in Sømådalen and Engerdalssætra, on EBUS it’s about 170 kids, and all this kids are from 6 to 16 years.

The national Park in Engerdal is Femudsmarka National park; read more about the national park here -> http://www.engerdal.kommune.no/om_engerdal/nasjonalparkkommune/Sider/side.aspx

Engerdal have to slopes, which are Engerdal Østfjell, and Sølen Alpinsenter.




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Senorita i Engerdal