Women's Gender Roles

Roles of women

Many women all over the world have had the role of being housewives under the control of superior beings, such as men. Because of the different roles men and women had, they had very different lives which caused an unbalance in equality.
This text has the same context because it shows how the women, under pressure by there husbands, felt about the situations they are in

Inequality of genders

Men have shown in many way superior to women without giving them a say so or an opinion. This makes it an unequal balance between the two genders
The women have to bow down to their superior husbands as a king when they should stand up and tell them what they want. And whom they want to be

Criticism to Women

Women having to lay down to their husbands makes them feel weak and criticized and they are being abused to themselve. Therefore the abuse is not something normal but something that shouldn't happen.
Men are supposed to be there for women. To stand by them in every moment, but the men in these stories are either against women or turning away from them in bad times