Poster Assignments

For Mrs. Thibodeau's Class

Visual learning is AWESOME!

Most people are visual learners, so using posters in the classroom not only makes sense for your own learning, it is also forward thinking. You will gain skills in visual communication. If you are an artist and want to use this opportunity to practice your craft through this project please do so. You could artistically paint, draw, or sculpt your poster.

If you are not striving to become an artist...

Please utilize technology to create your poster. You have the capability to create professional visual communication tools with your school issued device. You will not only be able to learn the content but will be honing your communication skills so that you will be able to use this mode of communication in your future education, professional or personal lives. You may choose to print off a copy of your poster or submit it to me digitally by email at

How to make your poster?

Allergic to the internet? Get twitchy when asked to sign up for yet another account?

No problem, just use Pages. Pages is part of iWork and is preloaded on your school issued devices, you do not need to use the internet or sign up for an account. Under templates there is a poster option. Use this if you want more freedom in creating your poster just the way you want it.