All About Me

By: Jodee

Where I was born

I was born in a small farming town in Illinois called Moline. It is famous for being the hometown of John Deere Tractors. Moline is found in Northwest Illinois along the Mississippi River.

My Education

I attended Bicentennial Elementary School. My favorite teacher was my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. McGraw. I graduated from Moline High School and headed off to college. I studied how to be at teacher at Illinois State University. Go fighting red birds!

Moving to Texas

I made my way to the grate state of Texas in 2004 to complete my student teaching. I loved living in San Antonio and became a 5th grade teacher. I love teaching students and especially love teaching with technology!

My Family

My mom and dad still live in Illinois. I have two brothers named Jay and Joel. They live in Illinois too. I love to fly home and see them as often as I can.