Kids are going crazy! By: Fiona, Mia, Grace

First day of school!!

Summer is ending, But now it's September and September means...... BACK TO SCHOOL!! People all over Haddonfield are coming to Central school for more education! Kids are meeting their new teachers, such as Ms. Hood, Mrs. Goodwin and Mrs. Hsieh!

School month is awesome!

First week of school!

It's the first week of school for central school! We have been learning a lot of cool stuff! We have made sheets that tell all about us, we have started to learn about polygons and so much more! In our class, Ms.Hoods class, we learned about the three branches of government. So many kids are excited for school!

Projects for back to school night

We have a lot of projects. We have our magnet stories-- Where we have magnets from over the summer and we have to write about it. It was a lot of fun. We also did goals for 4th grade and we got to use lots of colors in them. We enjoyed making all of our back to school projects for everyone!

The end of september

Its the end of September everyone is sad but also happy because its almost Halloween!

Let October filled with fright! We will never forget that this September was a never forgetting month!

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