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WELCOME BACK LEEANN PRESTEL! We are so excited to have you back at Guest!

PLEASE continue to keep our colleagues in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to endure some difficult times. Remember to lean on each other for support.

Who would you like to recognize? Send me your Shout-outs to share!


Please excuse the mess created by removing the counter and bulletin board. It is a work in progress.

I am looking for ideas to improve/decorate the lounge.


January 2016

  • 20th Leadership Meeting - Michelle @ ESC 7:30 - 10:30 AM & Kindergarten Orientation Meeting 10:30 - 12:00ish

  • 21st Advisory Team Meeting 7:30 - 8:30 am

  • 21st 5th grade to Walled Lake Central for Concert 10:00 - 10:40

  • 22nd Spirit Wear - Go Wildcats! Anything w/ Guest Logos, Math Pentathlon, etc. to show your spirit.

  • 22nd Pizza Orders Due

  • 22nd 4th and 5th grade Champ Luncheons

  • 22nd Bingo Night - Bingo for toys and books 6:30 -8:00


January 2016

  • 25th Grades Submitted in Skyward by the start of the school day

  • 25th Art Adventures Celebration 8:15 - 8:45 am in Media Center

  • 27th Report Cards Posted and Available Online by the End of the school day

  • 27th Michelle out all day for Teacher Evaluation Meeting @ ESC

  • 29th Spirit Wear - Go Wildcats! Anything w/ Guest Logos, Math Pentathlon, etc. to show your spirit.

  • 29th Michelle out all day at Oakland Schools


All administrators received an email from personnel stating the online was ready to launch, and then it was realized some portions were not completed. Principals are being trained on January 28th from 1:00 - 3:00. Once I have all the details, I will get them to you. Here is what was sent and then rescinded. I only share with you because it contains information that is somewhat helpful and gives you an idea of what is on the horizon. I took out the old launch date and portal information.

Walled Lake is proud to partner with the MI-place professional learning portal. MI-place is an innovative, online environment where educators can participate in synchronous and asynchronous professional learning opportunities. Called a "collaboratorium," teachers and administrators in Walled Lake will have access to a uniquely designed formative assessment module that aligns well with the work we have been engaged in through iCouncil, staff meetings, school improvement work, and instructional initiatives that encompass all grade levels and content areas. This 6-hour formative assessment module is designed by literacy consultants at Oakland Schools.

Les emailed me today, January 19th, to say he feels we should postpone Formative Assessment PD until teachers have an opportunity to watch a couple modules. So, on January 26th, he will not be joining us (I was going to suggest this anyway), however, we will still be meeting for two hours. The Advisory Team will be helping to set the agenda. Stay tuned.



  • PIZZA ME PROJECTS: The plan is to put the pizza circles all around the school connected by student hands. Please keep them safe until further notice
  • Google Passwords: Guest Student List (Excel Format) is in a folder called “student logins” on the GUEShared Drive. Whenever there is an update to the Guest Student List, Bryan Koval will update the student logins folder. By doing this, it will give teachers access to the student list.
  • Please ensure students are not marked tardy before 9:05. We are discovering some inconsistencies which can become problematic when one sibling receives a letter from the office regarding excessive tardiness, and the other sibling(s) do not because Skyward does not indicate as many tardies. We will try to catch as many as possible in the office.


    A couple years ago, I sent out communication indicating a time to mark students tardy; please note it may be different than what I am requesting now, I feel with the new semester and improved office procedures, this would be a good time to become more consistent. Additionally, we begin school earlier, so I need to make the adjustment.

    Technically, students should be marked tardy after the second bell which is 8:55. My rationale not to mark students tardy after the second bell, but instead after 9:05 include the following:

    · Sometimes buses are late

    · Breakfast might be running late due to more students purchasing that day

    · Weather impacts arrivals

    · It gives students completing safety positions an opportunity to get into their rooms

    · Some student receive interventions include them reporting to another classroom to “check-in”

    It is my opinion that by giving a few extra minutes helps our students and classroom teachers calmly settle in to begin the day. As you already know, staff should not be walking in the door with students. Everyone has been very responsible in calling school, texting me, etc. if they are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances and/or bad driving conditions…Thank you! Please continue to communicate.

    THIS SHOULD NOT BE COMMUNICATED TO OUR COMMUNITY… Their job is to get their student(s) to school on time which is by 8:55. I have had several conversations with those families that habitually arrive late. Heather and Sherry are keeping a very close eye on our frequent flyers as well. Please let me know if you have any questions and/or concerns –

New Board Member Officers


Walled Lake, Michigan

2015-16 (As of 1-1-16)


Mrs. Denise Bither, Trustee

Mrs. Peggy Casagrande, Secretary

Mr. Greg Janicki, Treasurer

Mrs. Kathy Lyall, Trustee

Mr. Marc A. Siegler, President

Mr. Christopher Titus, Vice President

Ms. Nancy van Leuwen, Trustee



For grades 1-5, teachers could have two options:

1.) Use ONE unit progress check of their choice to administer both as a pre and posttest; OR

2.) Use the preview math boxes found in the final lesson(s) of the previous units to administer as a pre and post.

For Kindergarten:

There are 9 tasks found on the beginning of the year assessments. Teachers can choose 1 task to collect data on to show growth.


  • New due date for School Mall completed booklets is now Jan. 25th
  • BINGO this Friday
  • Personal Needs Closet & Water Drive for Flint - Information coming soon


Hold a Class Meeting to discuss:

1. I can learn anything, because I was born to learn.

2. I can train my brain through practice.

3. I can choose my thoughts when things are hard.

4. I know failure is an important part of my success.

5. I take ownership of my mistakes and learn from them.

6. I do not let setbacks keep me from accomplishing goals.

7. I believe that I can do hard things.

8. I take charge of my own learning.

9. I encourage others to have a growth mindset.

10. I celebrate my own growth and progress.


This week - looking for evidence that students have learned about the brain. Continue to use your planning guide to fully implement Conscious Discipline.

Next week - what does your morning greeting "look and sound like"


Pam's site - Check this out! So helpful... Click HERE


KID PRESIDENT: Great message - please consider sharing with students as you see fit