The 10 Commandments

Stress Free Life

Number One: Plan

If you have a plan, big or small, its better than having nothing at all.

Number 2: Breathe

Focus on your breathing, and make it the big priority. Take that time to think and try and relax.

Number 3: Doing something you love

Doing something you love can free you from stress, and sometimes can channel that stress into working hard.

Number 4: Prioritize

Making a list of what is stressing you out can give you an understanding of what you need to focus on at that time, and can leave you feeling relieved when you know you don't have to worry about it.

Number 5: Go for a walk

Going for a walk can get you out of a cramped space. It gives you time to think while breathing in the fresh air and getting exercise. You might even see a cute dog on the way.

Number 6: Talk to your family

Your parents have been in your shoes. Talk to them about what they did to relieve their stress.

Number 7: Write stories

Writing a story can help you channel your stress into one space. It can also help you with your writing skills.

Number 8: Look at the good things

Think about the good things in your life, along with good memories. Its a quick way to forget about the bad stress, and think about the good times you had with friends and family.

Number 9: Make a song

When you make a song, you find that the things that you're thinking about go into it, so it can help you find out what stresses you out, and you might even find that you're good at it and continue with it.

Number 10: Get some rest

Stress can really take a toll on your energy, so if you get a full night's rest so you can think about it in the morning when you're full of energy.
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