Deeds not Words!

Meet at the Parramatta Hall for NUWSS at 10 am on Wednesday!

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Join and encourage the NUWSS and help Women fight for their rights!

It is unfair that women hadve to pay the same taxes as men but we are not treated as equals. Women are expected to obey the law but have no say in how those laws are made. We believe that if women are in parliament or could choose their representatives, then parliaments would make more compassionate laws and would improve society.

National Union Of Women's Suffrage Societies in 1890s

I, Millicent Fawcett, as a head of NUWSS would like to encourage you all to convince the political parties and other opposition by no violence and just by talk. We are womens who will fight for our rights to vote very maturely, so that we can show how the country can improve the country by just voting. We will use peaceful methods such as writing letters, holding meetings and drawing posters. We are not only fighting for our rights, we are fighting for our daughters and also improving the economy of our country.

Why do we need to join NUWSS?

Women suffer from bad government just as men d but still are not given equal voting rights. Mothers wants to make their children's surroundigs and education better, but CAN'T because they don't have the equal voting rights.Women were often endangered by evil working conditions but can't suggest any solutions to the legislation as they won't even listen to women's opinion. This is DISCRIMINATION on WOMEN! One Woman One Vote!There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect law makers. Women are like puzzles because we don't have the right to vote and puzzles still don't as well. We now demand our right to vote. Women themselves have the right to live in dignity.

We are NUWSS

Come and Join our suffrage and help women get the right to live and vote.
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