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Lothrop Elementary and Middle Level School Sept. 20, 2018

Upcoming Events

  • September 21st: Friday Assembly @ 8:05 AM--IA Hosting-National Day of Peace
  • September 26th: Multi-age Parent Meeting
  • September 28th: Friday Assembly @ 8:05 AM-Pinson-Fall
  • September 29th: Pittsford Village Farm Flea Market @ 9:00 AM-2:00 PM-Village Farm
  • October 3rd: OVUU Board Meeting @ 6:00 PM-OV Library
  • October 3rd: PTO Meeting @ 6:30 PM-Lothrop Library
  • October 5th: Friday Assembly @ 8:05 AM-Fire Safety
  • October 12th: Friday Assembly @ 8:05 AM-Grades 3-4
  • October 17th: OVUU Board Meeting @ 6:00 PM-OV North Campus
  • October 18th: Picture Day
  • October 19th: No School
  • The New Buddy Bench!

    Last year, Lothrop's graduating 6th graders designed a very special bench for our playground. With their design and a generous donation of time and talent from Pro Axis Building and materials from RK Miles, Lothrop School now has a beautiful Buddy Bench next to the our school garden.

    The Buddy Bench is a place for kids to go if they are feeling alone or like they don't have anyone to play with. When anyone sees someone on the Buddy Bench, their job is to invite them to play.

    Last Friday, the 5th and 6th graders hosted a school assembly to explain how the bench works. And this past week, pairs of older students volunteered for recess duty to help teach the younger kids how to use the Buddy Bench. Several Lothrop students found new friends to play with as a result of the guidance of our 5th and 6th grade recess teams. By all accounts the new Buddy Bench is a great success!

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    Can You Spot the Gnome?

    A very special thank you to the PTO for sponsoring a fundraiser for library books during the open house! Parents and students voted on which costume (dragon, princess, unicorn or gnome) that Mrs. Alexander should wear. Guess which costume won?
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    Pittsford Food Shelf

    LOCATED: South end of Keith's Country Store on Rte 7

    HOURS: Mondays 9-11; Thursdays 4-6

    WHO: Any resident of Pittsford, Proctor, Florence or Chittenden

    VERIFICATION: Must present proof of residence i.e. Utility Bill

    MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 553, Pittsford VT 05763

    CONTACT: Robin Rowe 483-2967

    Lost and Found Photographer

    We would like to create a slide show of all of our Lost and Found items. We will include a link of the slide show in the newsletter and post it on social media. We are looking for a volunteer to take pictures of each item so that we can put them into a quick slide show. Any amount of time would be greatly appreciated!

    School Safety

    The School Emergency Information for Parents and Guardians online training provides an overview for parents and guardians about what they should do before, during and after an emergency at their school. This training discusses the importance of parents and guardians maintaining up to date contact information with their school, why parents and guardians should not go to the school during an incident, and gives details on the safety terms and procedures that parents and guardians may hear during an emergency at their school.

    Please remember that in the event of an emergency we will communicate in as many ways as we are able: Robo call, e-mail, and social media.

    Integrated Arts Column

    What is happening in Art Class?


    Parent slips for our online gallery Artsonia will be coming home soon, so you can

    appreciate your child's work on your phone and computer.

    International Day of Peace Celebration Sept 21st

    This years theme for the International Day of Peace is "Right to Peace". Students are encouraged to consider how their conflicts in school might affect the people around them. There will also be a school wide assembly including participation with the national chalk 4 peace, and pinwheel for peace movement.

    Kindergarten: Celebrated International Dot Day with the book “The Dot” and made beautiful dots of their very own. Painted peace signs and learned about the use of symbols as communication.

    First and Second Grade:1st and 2nd graders celebrate International Dot Day with a book and collaborative dot collage mural project. Created pinwheels to join thousands of children all over the country to spread a message of peace.

    Third and Fourth Graders: 3rd and 4th grade created 3D Dots to celebrate Dot day and made their mark together on this collaborative piece. Created pinwheel to join thousands of children all over the country to spread a message of peace.

    Fifth and Sixth Graders: 5th and 6th graders began their year with creating designs for a large scale sculpture project about the book “Wish Tree”. 5th and 6th graders learn the significance of the origami paper crane and are challenged to create 1000 paper cranes by September 21st. A crane from each student will be sent to the International Children's in Hiroshima, Japan.

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    International Dot Day, September 15 ish . .

    Lothrop students are making their mark on the map by participating in International Dot Day. The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is about a girl named Vashti who discovers her artistic talent. This book entices even the stubbornly uncreative among us to make a mark — and follow where it takes us.
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    New Transportation Coordinator and Food Service Specialist

    RNESU Transportation Coordinator: David Shields


    cell phone: 407.435.8692

    work phone: 802.247.2769

    mailing address: RNESU, 49 Court Drive Brandon, VT 05733

    District Food Service Specialist

    Suzanne Denis mailing address is Whiting School, 87 South Main Street Whiting, VT 05778, her email is of course and her phone number is 802.623.7991

    Pittsford Rec Soccer

    Soccer season has begun! Randy Adams is looking for coaches and players. We have a great need for boys in grades 3-6 and a few more girls to round out the roster would be helpful. Please check in at the front office or with Randy Adams if your student wishes to join or you are able to coach!

    PTO Update


    The Lothrop PTO meets the first Wednesday of the month in the Lothrop Library at 6:30pm. ALL Lothrop families are considered members of the PTO and are welcome to attend meetings.


    The Lothrop PTO conducts fundraisers every year in order to support our mission of enriching the education of Lothrop Students. ALL Lothrop students benefit from our efforts. We will hold a 'Fundraising Blitz' where a number of fundraisers will come home. We DO NOT expect families to participate in ALL of them. We hope that you would find one or two you like and support that way.

    Why do we have fundraisers?

    Throughout the year we fund programs and plan fun events. Last year we hosted a Scholastic Book Fair, all proceeds from the book fair sales go back to the school so they may purchase books and supplies for their classrooms. Other events included: Trunk-or Treat, Lip Sync Battle, Tommy James Magic, Lothrop Exploratories, Four Winds Nature Program, MIleage Club, Field Trip to Montshire Museum, 6th grade Graduation Reception, Pittsford Christmas for Kids, End of Year Celebration, Grandfriends Tea, Pirates of Penzance Jr Musical, Staff Appreciation, and Library Kindle Books.

    Box Tops

    The Lothrop PTO also collects Box Tops for Education, Hannaford Helps reciepts, and Price Chopper Tools for Schools. Don't forget about Amazon Smile when you check out, select Lothrop PTO!

    Upcoming Events

    Wednesday, October 31 from 5:30-6:30pm Trunk or Treat at the Pittsford Recreation Area - Open to the public

    Help Needed

    We are always looking for folks willing to help with various tasks and events so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to contribute.


    The Lothrop PTO has a private Facebook group. Search for us and ask to be added!

    Lothrop PTO Officers for 2018-19 School Year

    Kelly Connaughton -President

    Laurie Flood Pelkey - Vice President

    Stacey Greeno Pearsons - Secretary

    Thomas Desforges - Treasurer

    PTO Fundraiser Blitz

    The PTO Fall Fundraising Blitz is back!

    Fall Bulbs

    • We will be starting with the Fall Bulbs sale. The cost for the bulbs is $10 and the PTO will earn 50% of all sales. Please make your checks payable to the Lothrop PTO. All orders will need to be turned in to Kelly McMahon by Friday, September 28. The bulbs will be in two weeks after that. We will be able to send the bulbs home with your students. It is your support that enables us to help enrich our students education!
    • Please be on the lookout for our other fundraisers, like we have said in the past we are not expecting families to sell every one. We are hoping you will find one to support and go with it! Thank you in advance for your support of the PTO!

    Flagship Cinema Booklets

    • Don't forget we have flagship Cinema movie coupon books $25 cash only.

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    Pittsford Town Events

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