December 9th - 13th

Curiosity & Invention

December 9th: K - 2

Please take time to review expectations regarding the restroom, the passes, and how many students are to be out of the room and in the restroom at a time. :) Please share with your students how your classroom is going to monitor who is going to be out of the room at a time and take time to discuss the importance of them not asking to go to the restroom during mini-lesson.

Thank you takes a village!

December 9th: 3rd - 5th

Take the time to review an expectation that you think your students need review as a grade level. have them discuss the importance of this expectation.

For example, if it's to have a zero when traveling in the hall, students can help to identify reasons why this expectation is important. (It keeps us safe, it helps us to hear important directions, it allows other grade levels to continue learning, etc.)

December 10th: All Grade Levels

Watch the clip below with your students.

Extension: Have your students start to think about something that they would like to create. Or, ask them to think of something that has already been invented which they are curious about. Have students save their answers for tomorrow.

December 11th: All Grade Levels

Discussion Questions

1. What is something that you would like invent, or what is something that has already been invented that you are curious about? (For example, I'm curious to know how they make slime. Or, I'm curious to know what happens to all the trash in the ocean.)

December 12th: All Grade Levels

Curious Humans and Gratitude

Start a discussion with your class about the fact that we are so lucky to have had so many curious people in the world that have brought us ingenious inventions.

Which curious human are you most thankful for? (i.e.-I'm most thankful for Thomas Edison because he curiosity led to the discovery of electricity. They don't have to know the name of the inventor per say, just what they invented and why they are grateful)

December 13th: Team Building (All Grade Levels)

Team Building Ideas:

Mystery Friend

Assign each student another student in class to introduce. They will have to introduce that person by just describing things about them. (i.e-they love sea turtles, the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys, and Reading.) Others students in class will have to guess who is being introduced. (This game won't be able to be finished in one sitting.)

Birthday Line-Up

Have students line up in sequential order according to their birthday without talking at all.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary School