chemical detection

it was for nasa but we use it in everyday life

why did nasa make chemical detection?

Chemical detection was created by NASA to develop moisture. Also to create sensors to warn of dangerous corrosive conditions. They needed this for all sorts of missions. More like all of them. I guess they really needed this
Nasa did not make chemical detection for a certain mission. This was created for all missions. Without this they could run straight into corrosive conditions. That would be bad. If this happened the astronauts in the space shuttle could die.
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How Do We Use This In Everyday Life?

They are used in more than 40 countries by the armed forces, civil defense, police forces, and other. They mainly use this detecting danger when it is near. AP4C's (potable chemical contamination)also use this. They use this for health such as: detecting all vomiting agents, nerve agents, and blister agents.chemical detection was not particulary for one mission
Chemical detection has changed in many ways
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